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I am grateful to be here, alive, and experiencing this moment. All we have is our time on this earth and the more we realize that the more precious life gets. I've been fortunate to survive life this far and I'm hanging on tight, excited for the rest of time.




Exploring the planet one country at a time. I enjoy the simple things in life, making new friends, enjoying each day like it´s the last and sharing my experiences with others. One of my greatest pleasures is teaching and sharing my love for watersports. That´s why I started Olsen Adventures, to support you from the beginning to the end and giving you knowlege, experience and a friend. Having partnerships around the golbe in kiteboarding, e-foiling, and adventure sports I´ll bring you the adventure of a lifetime with the latest gear from the best brands.

Growing up

I used to say that when I grow up I wanted to be retired. I can tell you that is certainly not the case, although sometimes it feels like it because I’ve enjoyed every step of my career along the way. It all started in 2009 when I learned to kite-board that summer in Michigan. Before I even tried it I knew that it was something that I wanted to do and felt very passionate about. I saved up all of my money, doing backflips for tips and saving my lunch money to afford this expensive sport.

The beginning

After a lot of trial and error, teaching myself how to kite, and many trips to the emergency room, I was finally competent enough to think about teaching others what I learned. I was offered a job with Motor City Kiteboarding and he took me on a road trip to the Outer Banks and paid for my certification. I was stoked, this meant I was going to get paid to share my passion with others.

One of the students in my PASA instructors course was the brand manager of Hyper-Flex wetsuits. We became good friends and he gave me a free 6/5/4 wetsuit and a wetsuit hoodie. On the same trip, a guy I met on the beach offered for me to try his new carbon fiber board. After less than five minutes I came back with it snapped in half. He was surprisingly excited that I broke the board and invited me to his condo for dinner with his wife. We also became good friends and he asked me to ride for his company MOBE Kite-wear. That was my first official sponsor when I was in eleventh grade.

Making connections

First sponsors

The winter after getting instructor certified I was going out in my new 6/5/4 wetsuit during the middle of winter riding in icebergs. I posted one of my first videos on Youtube of winter riding and received an e-mail from the brand manager of Liquid Force Kites asking if he could send me free gear. It was a dream come true and something I never would have imagined it.

I moved to the West side of the state for college. I had heard stories of the Broneah brothers who were both pro kiters for Liquid Force and owners of M22 and Broneah Kiteboarding. We got together and they offered me a job to teach kiting, snow kiting and work in the M22 store. It was the perfect fit and I loved the opportunity of being able to make a living off of teaching sports I loved. I also dabbled in teaching skiing and snowboarding so that I could get a free season pass and accommodations at Boyne Mountain ski resort.

A new chapter

Moving to Florida

Eventually I decided that I wanted to be able to live somewhere to kite year round without having to wear thick wetsuit. I drove down to Florida with $500 in my pocket and a truck full of kiteboarding gear without much of a plan besides believing that it will all work out. I was running low on money and hadn’t found any jobs as a kite instructor until I got a call while I was in a real estate office from a good friend in Michigan. He said that he heard I was in Florida looking for a job and talked with his friends at Otherside Board-sports and Keys Cable. He put in a good word for me and they trusted him so I headed down the next day to the Florida Keys and began my job as a wakeboarding instructor at a cable park.

I grew up wakeboarding and teaching friends so it felt easy compared to the intensity of being a kite coach. I really loved being able to cross train at the cable, learning how to flip, spin and handle pass with pro riders that would push me. It was a great transition in my life and I am so happy to have ended up there. After a couple of years I ended up moving to the end of the road in Key West where I picked up a job working in a restaurant on the beach which changed my life forever.

The rest is history

Based in Key West - Florida (USA)​

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