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Lift Foils is a family-run business making performance hydrofoils in Puerto Rico since 2010. We're proud to be the inventors of and market leaders in eFoiling. In 2015, our co-founder Nick Leason - an engineer and avid surfer - came up with the idea for the original eFoil, applying the technology from smart phones, electric vehicles and even drones into a board that would let its rider fly above any body of water without needing to be propelled by wind or waves.


Located in Grand Haven on the shore of Lake Michigan is a group of the friendliest folks you could hope to share your passion for boardsports with. Our crew, by and large, are people who found their way to us because they were already experts and wanted to share their knowledge with others and make sure customers got the right gear for their style. Or maybe they just wanted to test ride the latest and greatest gear.


Hi, Blake Sorensen here. Welcome to Blake's Seed Based! As a company, we make snacks that are healthy, taste great, and are allergy friendly. How did we get here? Growing up as an athlete with a deathly nut allergy, I was frustrated with the lack of snacks available. So, I started making bars in my kitchen using seeds instead of nuts and quickly realized that people with and without food allergies loved them. Our company motto is #SeedYourPassion. We want you to go out in the world and pursue your passions, without being held back by your snack options. We know you’ll love these bars and we can’t wait to see how you #SeedYourPassion


In developing a rechargeable system of LEDs designed for underwater use, NOCQUA inventor Billy Rossini faced the paramount task of designing a rechargeable battery small and light enough to sit on a paddleboard, while maintaining water resistance that would ensure safe and continued use. Little did he know that in 2015, this technology would catapult NOCQUA out of its lighting niche and into the growing world of mobile power for the outdoors.


Based in California on the West Coast, Pau Hana Surf Supply is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative stand up paddle boards for every SUP lifestyle. Pau Hana means “the time after work” and it’s all about the spirit of play. For us, everything starts with being on the water, and we are determined to share the stoke of stand up paddling through our creations, our dedication to the sport, and to our mission of serving our customers with aloha.


M22 is a symbol that celebrates natural wonders such as lakes, beaches, dunes, forests, and a connection with community. It's the feeling you'd get when you realize there is no other place you would rather be. When you see someone wearing the M22 logo, share a smile, and know that you have a mutual connection for love for nature, connection, and adventure.


Mystic is headquartered smack-dab in the middle of the Netherlands’ windswept coastline, in Katwijk aan Zee. The Netherlands has produced an extraordinary percentage of the world’s best kiteboarders. But years after the sport had surged Dutch waters, riders still weren’t using gear specifically made for kiteboarding. Pro kiters were flying higher and further than ever before, without the right lifelines to match their wild ambitions.


We are not the typical gas station! Come inside to find our full bait and tackle shop stocked with the largest variety of live bait in the area as well as all the gear you need for a day on the water in Everglades National Park. When you are ready for a bite to eat, sit down at our scratch kitchen restaurant, Nely's Corner, for breakfast or lunch. If you prefer to experience the Glades with a guide, ask about our Fishing Charters and Eco Tours! If we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you find it!

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